Equalities and Accessibility 

Bristol Equality Charter

Equality Information and Objectives

Equality Impact Assessment

Reasonable Adjustment Agreement


BHES Service Level Agreement

BHES Provision Admissions Policy

What is 1 to 1 provision and how does it work?

Attendance Contact Plan

Attendance Policy

Attendance contact plan 1 to 1

Attendance contact plan classes


Anti-bullying Policy

Code of Behaviour Policy – Students

Dress code


Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Flowchart Children

Safeguarding Flowchart 18+

Low Level Concerns Policy

Lone Working Policy

Remote Learning Policy – Safeguarding

Bristol Weapons and Drugs in School Guidance

When to report an incident to the police

Managing Medicines in School Policy

Online Safety Policy

ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

BCC Information Security Incident Procedure

Children in Care Policy

BHES Health & Safety policy

Food policy


BHES Exams Policy

BHES Non-examination Assessment Policy

BHES Word-Processor Policy Exams

BHES Exam Contingency Plan

BHES Equalities Policy Exams

BHES Internal-Appeals Procedures

BHES Complaints and appeals procedure exams

Emergency Evacuation Policy Exams


Curriculum Statement & Policy

Marking Policy

SEND Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Jigsaw curriculum – Map to statutory RSHE outcomes

CEIAG policy

Provider Access Policy


Staff Code of Conduct

Improving Performance of Support Staff Policy

Recruitment Policy

Capability Procedure for Teachers


Complaints Procedure

BCC Code of Conduct for Carrying out Investigations (to go with both Disciplinary and Grievance Policies)

BCC Grievance Policy

BCC Disciplinary Policy

BCC Leave Policy

BCC Whistleblowing Policy

Management Committee

Management Committee Members Expenses Policy

Full Governing Body Terms of Reference


Charging Policy


BHES Privacy Notice for Parents

BHES Privacy Notice for Pupils

BHES Privacy Notice Workforce

Data protection policy

Model Publication Scheme – Freedom of Information