Bristol Equality Charter


BHES Provision Admissions Policy September 2020-21

BHES What is 1 to 1 Provision and how does it work-November 2020


Attendance Contact Plan

Appendix 2 attendance contact plan-1to1

Appendix 3 attendance contact plan classes


Code of behaviour (students) Policy January 2020


BHES Covid Addendum October 2020

BHES Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2020-21

BHES Safeguarding flowchart 18

BHES Safeguarding flowchart children

BHES Lone Working Policy November 2020

BHES Whistleblowing policy


BHES Exams Policy 2020-2021

BHES Non examination assessment policy 2020-2021

BHES Word processor policy exams 2020-2021

BHES Exam Contingency plan 2020-2021

BHES Equalities policy exams 2020-2021

BHES Data Protection policy exams 2020-2021

BHES Internal Appeals procedures 2020-2021

BHES Complaints and Appeals procedure exams 2020-2021

BHES Emergency Evacuation policy exams 2020-2021-docx

Management Committee

Members expenses policy January 2020


BHES Complaints Policy January 2020