Message to Falkland Road classes parents and students re teaching from 1/3/21

Since the government announced the third England lockdown on January 4th we have been in the situation where we have been required to strongly encourage students to attend Falkland Road.
Some students have done this and other students have been accessing learning online in the lessons teachers have been delivering.
As of 1st March we are planning to move all classes teaching to face to face provision at Falkland Road.
We will be following the timetable as we did from 1st September to 4th January.
09:30 start, 12:50 finish for the majority of lessons.
Afternoon Art, Chinese, Science, Spanish and life skills classes will also be taught face to face at Falkland Road.
Breaks will be taken in classrooms (as in terms 1 & 2).
Students & staff will need to wear masks or face coverings when walking in corridors at Falkland Road.
Students & Staff will be able to wear masks & face coverings during lessons but will not be required to do so.
Students & Staff will use hand washing/sanitising facilities on a regular basis.
Students & staff will clean tables, chairs, keyboards & mice between lessons.
As per NHS guidelines staff & students will not attend Falkland Road if:
They have any Covid Symptoms or a positive Covid test.
They live with a person with Covid Symptoms or a positive Covid test.
They have had contact with a person with Covid Symptoms or a positive Covid test.
They have been instructed to isolate or shield by HM government.
For yr 11’s
Hm Gov have not yet stated exactly how grades will be awarded, once they have made that clear BHES staff will know and give you clear guidance on what work you need to do.
What is important now is that you attend lessons and listen to the teachers and do the work that they give you.