Key Stage 3 Religious Studies

This is a three year rolling course.

Students will focus on the six major world religions: Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Students study the following modules:

Year One

Arguments for the existence of God: Traditional philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

The Natural World: How different religions respond to environmental issues and animal rights.

Year Two

Beliefs and Practices: religious symbols; prayer & meditation; sacred texts; places of worship; rites of passage

Year Three

Festivals: How different religions commemorate / celebrate important events.

Spiritual Leaders: Jesus; Muhammad; Guru Nanak; Moses; Buddha; Vyasa.

The focus at KS3 is on the acquisition of knowledge; an understanding of ethical issues and the development of empathy and respect.

Recommended Revision Guide:

CGP KS3 religious Education Complete Revision & Practice

Religious Education Complete Study & Practice

KS3 Bitesize:

KS3 Bitesize