KS 3 Geography

A three year rolling course including the following modules:

Year 1

Restless Earth – volcanoes, earthquakes and plate tectonics

The power of the sea and coastal management. Water Aid in less developed countries of the world.

Fairtrade and Sustainability.

Year 2

A study of Bristol and the local area including a focus on settlements and how Bristol has grown and developed over time.

Weather Systems and the Climate Crisis.

Development Studies – Contrasting rich and poor countries of the world with a focus on at least one country in Europe and two countries in the wider world.

Year 3

Maps and map skills including focus on local, UK, Europe and other continents of the world.

Biomes of the world. Physical, environmental and human diversity in an ever changing world.

Geography of Crime- Hot spots, planning safer living spaces and preventing international crime.

Key Skills

Asking geographical questions.

Use of geographical vocabulary to be cemented through discussion, written tasks and assessment.

Interpreting a range of primary and secondary sources including maps, aerial photos, diagrams, globes and atlases.

Consolidating and extending knowledge of the world’s continents and countries including physical and human features.

To gain a sense of place, space, culture and diversity