Key Stage 3 English Language and English Literature

In Key Stage 3 we give students the experience of literature texts that help to prepare them for the GCSE course in Key Stage 4, developing language and skills through literature and challenging students at an appropriate level.

Key Stage 4 English Language

In Key Stage 4 English Language we deliver a one year course in year 10 and again in year 11, to give all students the opportunity to gain the necessary breadth of skills to tackle the Language exams. This will prepare them either for their return to mainstream education within Key Stage 4 or to take the Eduqas English Language GCSE through BHES at the end of year 11.

Students who find the GCSE too challenging have the opportunity instead to take Edexcel Functional Skills English level 1 and/or 2, or an Entry Level, to equip them for entry into post 16 education.

Recommended study/revision guide 1

Recommended study/revision guide 2

Here is the link for the GCSE English Language specification:

Eduqas GCSE English Language Specification

Specimen Assessment Materials

You may wish to support your child by purchasing a supporting text guide for their independent study.

Recommended study/revision guide

Key Stage 4 English Literature

This is a two year course across Key Stage 4. All students will experience the set texts, but not all students will be taking the final Eduqas English Literature GCSE.

Here is the link for the GCSE English Literature specification:

Eduqas GCSE English Literature Specifcation

Specimen Assessment Materials

Revision practice

Set texts studied in KS4 in BHES are:

‘An Inspector Calls’ by J B Priestley

‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare

Poetry Anthology (specific to Eduqas exam board)

For unseen poetry

BBC bitesize is also a valuable resource for both Language and Literature